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I got very little done today...!

Yeah, I finished up the rest of the body unit and didn't manage to start on the head. xD; Then again, I did dismantle the lower parts to tackle this stubborn nub mark, and spent really long trying to clean up the stubborn flashes on the gray areas on the sides. The flashes are gone, but they left white marks which are still there. -__-

I guess I'm unused to this scale of work. My fingers are hurting because of all the sanding and handling of tiny and sharp parts. Auuugh. I decided to stop because I'm more susceptible to making mistakes when I'm tired. Don't want to risk breaking stuff. I'll leave the decals to tomorrow too, for I'm not confident enough with them right now.

Setsuna doesn't seem the least bit pleased by our slow progress. xD

Right when I was packing, the doorbell rang.


Those postmen are always in a hurry.

Unidentified package received! It was elongated, pretty interesting shape for a parcel. XD Let's open it up to see what's inside.

Wrong tool, Setz.

The twin drives driver twins show up with a pair of scissors. It looks a little blunt. Can it get the job done?

After struggling with the scissors, the twins gave up and decided to go for overkill. :D Looks like a purple plastic bag. And inside the plastic bag is...

A tissue paper box...?

Weak point spotted! A little help needed!

♥ Exia! Now we can take a look and see what's inside---


|D; I accidentally a Setsuna plush. Say hi to chauffeurSetsuna. xD This is a TERRIBLE pic and my webcam does no justice to him, but he looks absolutely adorable in person. He's 8 inches [20 cm], his hair is made of felt, and his eyes are painted on. XD

Did I also mention that his very cute chauffeur hat is removable? I forgot to take a photo of the hat itself ahaha.

It's a plush I commissioned from Pheleon, a DeviantArt artist. Very talented girl - I'm so happy with how he turned out. ;_; He's still in the box right now, but all I need to do is to clean him up a bit with scotch tape and then I can display him wherever I like. xDD

Setsuna was commissioned all the way back in August, and Pheleon accepted payment plans, which was how I was able to get him. :V Gonna keep saving again and see if I can commission some more. I'd love a Louise, Saji or Setsukitty plush. *_* Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] femmelujah, for recommending her!!! ♥

I wonder if anyone does custom Nendoroids and Figmas. o_O I've only ever seen ONE person do custom Pinkys, and they became inactive later lmao, so I guess it's a tall order. Nendoroids and/or Figmas of Setsuna, Louise and Saji remain my dream. ;_;

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