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[hq!! summer exchange] Dear Creator

Dear creator,

Thank you very much for accepting my request!

Just a note that I LOVE seeing other people's take on ideas, and that's why most of the prompts below are vague. Feel free to write them however you please. :)

Requested characters:
-Yamaguchi Tadashi
-Kageyama Tobio/Yamaguchi Tadashi: My OTP, and the only pairing on my request list...it doesn't matter to me who tops. Both guys make adorable bottoms, and adorably awkward tops. :)
-Tsukishima Kei & Yamaguchi Tadashi, Tsukishima Akiteru & Tsukishima Kei, Tsukishima Akiteru & Tsukishima Kei & Yamaguchi Tadashi
-Karasuno Volleyball Club

-I LOVE AUs, the items in the list below are just suggestions. Feel free to spin your own AU!
-office AU
-one character is a cosplayer, the other is an artist who sells fan merchandise
-one character is keeping their part-time work in a butler cafe a secret. The other character discovers this.
-fake dating AU
-arranged marriage AU
-magical boy AU
-first-years as third-years
-fantasy AU [I love dragons! I also love prince&knight AU], magical realism AU
-National Volleyball team
-canon-complaint or canon-divergent works are a-okay with me

-I LOVE feel-good stuff in general, so fluff is good. Slice of life is good. Working together to solve a problem is good. Hanging out together and having fun is good! etc

-First and second person point of view, side pairings, mom/dad jokes and "trash" jokes about characters
-Excessive/unresolved angst, cheating, love triangles
-a/b/o dynamics, mpreg
-trans headcanons, disability headcanons
-Incest, daddy kink
-Violence, gore, serious injury, death
-noncon, dubcon

Thank you!