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- in the hundreds and millions and thousands of meetings -

- we were finally able to meet -

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gundam models, gunpla, l'arc~en~ciel, louise halevy, loulou, saji x louise, saji x setsuna, saji/setsuna, sajilouise, setsu, setsulouise, setsuna f seiei, setsuna f. seiei, setsuna x louise, setsuna x saji, setsuna/saji, setsunasajilouise, setz, サジセツサジ, ルイス・ハレヴィ, 刹那xルイス, 刹那・f・セイエイ, 沙慈xルイス, 沙慈×刹那, 沙慈・クロスロード, 沙慈刹
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